Quality Control & Safety

Shiu Wing has an HKAS-approved laboratory that ensures the high standards of rebar products with its strict quality assurance system and precise testing ability.

Shiu Wing monitors closely our quality of products at each stage of operations including purchasing, transportation, receiving inspection, storage, production, delivery and after sale services in order to meet our customer expectations and requirements.

While selecting suppliers, Shiu Wing considers factors such as company reputation, management system and most importantly, product quality consistency. We carry out inspections on imported materials upon receipt. All processes including furnace temperature control, roll speed settings, temp core temperature control etc. are controlled by advanced computer system and monitored by our competent employees. Samples are taken for physical properties test (including tensile, bend and re-bend test) in accordance with CS2 standard. The optical emission spectroscopy is used for chemical analysis. All results are used for issuance of product certificates.

Shiu Wing installed a radioactive detecting facility at our pier to detect the radiation level of all incoming materials. This is to ensure our incoming materials to be free from any dangerous and hazardous substances which can affect the environment and our workers.

Shiu Wing Steel - Quality Control and Safety